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Thomas Schulz

U.S. Correspondent Business & Technology







Thomas Schulz, U.S. correspondent of Business and Technology for Der SPIEGEL, author of "What Google Really Wants", & Speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2016







Thomas Schulz (*1973) is the business and technology correspondent for the German newsmagazine Der SPIEGEL in the US. Originally based in New York starting in 2008, he reported extensively about the financial crisis. Since late 2012 he has been based in San Francisco, building a Silicon Valley bureau for Der SPIEGEL. His long-form reporting is focused on analyzing the leading Internet and high-tech companies, taking deep-dives into the technological progress driving computer science and biotech.  For years, Schulz has been writing about the impact of the digital revolution on society, politics and culture.

Thomas holds two Master's Degrees: In Political Science from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and in Communications from University of Miami. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. He received multiple awards for excellence in journalism.

His Book



“What Google Really Wants” – by Thomas Schulz

Random House / DVA

Publication Date: October 12 2015


“What Google Really Wants” is an in-depth profile of the world’s most influential company. Drawing on over 50 interviews with top-management and leading engineers, the book takes a deep dive into the thinking, plans and inner workings of Google.

It is the first time since co-founder Larry Page has taken over the reigns of the company in 2011 that Google has cooperated with an author. The wide-ranging access to staff and leadership, including Larry Page, allows unique insights into Google’s operations: How the company is expanding into Life Sciences and Robotics, how the Android teams try to build an operating system for the world, the plans for the self-driving car, how neural nets and deep learning are driving the company’s efforts on almost every level. Can the company sustain sinking money into moonshots? How is Google reacting to the growing conflict with the EU? Is the management realigning its views on privacy issues and data security?

A profile of Page shows how the founder has changed the company within a few years, allowing for insights into his plans and ambitions.

“What Google Really Wants” delivers the most intimate and up-to-date analysis of Google, yet. 



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