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Scott Michaels

Vice President Client Engagement, San Francisco



Scott Michaels, vice president client engagement at ArcTouch, & speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2016




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Scott Michaels is Vice President, Client Engagement at ArcTouch, an award-winning mobile app development studio based in San Francisco.   

Scott has worked with many companies of all sizes to bring their products to the mobile space and has assisted in restructuring their marketing plan to include mobile. He is a vital force on an ArcTouch team that has developed more than 300 custom applications for Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, world-class agencies and leading brands like NBC, Honeywell, Yahoo!, CBS, Razorfish, Audi and more. Having worked on the front lines of software development and project management for over a decade, Scott champions the need for a cohesive strategy for companies bringing products to the mobile space.

A skilled deal maker and technology strategist, Scott brings insight into the quickly changing mobile market, including deep expertise on iOS, Android and the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, Scott is known as an expert in the mechanics of app stores and app store rules. He is equally comfortable with technology, marketing, and business strategy.



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