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Jessica Kastrop

Sports Reporter




Jessica Kastrop, Sports Journalist at Sky & moderator of the Sports Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2016



"Thank you so much for having me as the host of the sports panel. The whole event was so amazing and inspiring. Excellent speakers, perfect organisation - I'll be back next year. WORLDWEBFORUM rocks!"



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Jessica Kastrop - Football expert


Jessica Kastrop & Adrian Grenier, "Entourage" star


Jessica Kastrop in the studio at Sky Sport







Probably, she would have been a great astronaut as well, because when she was six years old, Jessica Kastrop, the television presenter of the German media company “Sky“, had this dream concerning her future profession which is actually unusual for girls.

But instead of floating through universe Jessica spends most of her occupational time in stadiums, what is due to her father who has been mad about soccer.

“I was born two days after the opener of the Soccer World Championship in 1974. My father brought a TV to hospital to indulge his passion. That's how the cornerstone for my passion concerning soccer was laid. Postnatal imprinting“ says Jessica with a smile.

In addition to that she grew up next to the “Kaiserslauterer Betzenberg“ stadium in a time “when the soccer team FCK won German Championships and became cup winner several times. The whole region was gripped by soccer fever – including me.“

Through a casting she became a field-reporter at the TV station “Sky“ and worked later as a television presenter of the programs concerning the second league. After surviving a couple of blizzards in Braunschweig and hurricanes in Fürth they offered her more comfortable stadiums.

By now she belongs to the core of the presenters of the German Football League and is furthermore the first female host in German television who presents the UEFA Champions League. Again and again people allude to the scene which provided her worldwide publicity – the “header” which made 20 Million people smile benignly.

“I take it with a pinch of salt! I got a screw loose anyway... so actually nothing happened. And if something amuses so many people, it can be seen positive, I think.”

Jessica Kastrop started her career as a journalist two leagues lower. She accompanied the promotion of the Palatine soccer club SC Hauenstein in Germany's western/southwestern regional league for a newspaper called “Die Rheinpfalz“ in 1994.
Subsequently she studied journalism in Munich and started writing for a newspaper called “Die Bild-Zeitung”. Furthermore she was engaged in the organizing committee concerning the Soccer World Championship with its venue in Germany in 2006.

“Soccer means everything to me and I really appreciate that I could have turned my passion into my profession.” Although she is going to work a lot in the studio the next season, Jessica still promises to remain true to the turf. “I can't live without breathing the air of a stadium at least once a week” is what she says with a wink.