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James Monsees CEO at Pax Labs & speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2017

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A spark of innovation





San Francisco-based vaporization technology company, PAX Labs, was founded with the goal of making traditional smoking obsolete. Combining sophisticated technologies and applied design principles, the company introduced innovation to a previously stagnant industry through its JUUL and PAX vaporizer brands. It’s beautiful, intelligent heat-not-burn technologies have revolutionized the smoking industry and provided consumers with satisfying vapor experiences, free from the stigmas associated with smoking.

With over 1 million PAX users worldwide, this brand’s portfolio of loose-leaf and concentrate vaporizers have become a cult-hit among sophisticated, adult smokers. Featuring internal accelerometers, intuitive gestural control, proprietary lip-sending technology, and other stand-out attributes, PAX vaporizers have created a new industry standard for vaporizers.




Clearing the smoke on the vapor market




Launched June 2015, JUUL premium e-cigarette has already grown to be the #1 independent brand in the U.S., with unprecedented demand, consumer adoption and sell-outs across the nation. Utilizing a patented nicotine formulation that was reverse-engineered from tobacco plants, JUUL is the first e-cigarette that provides smokers with an experience truly akin to smoking, without the need for combustion.

PAX Labs’ success has had a widespread impact not only on smoking culture, but the vapor industry as a whole. Both JUUL and PAX products have transformed the image associated with the modern smoker, allowing these consumers to escape archaic stigmas and stereotypes associated with consumption. The company’s market impact reflects this successful consumer appeal, hitting unprecedented benchmarks in the vapor industry and bringing vapor technology into the mainstream.






Pax European Launch Party

James Monsees: Tedx Brussels







James Monsees is cofounder and chief product officer of PAX Labs, Inc., a leading vaporization technology company in San Francisco that’s reinventing the smoking experience with its innovative, premium vaporizers, PAX and JUUL.

Monsees has over a decade of experience developing consumer products. He was a founding fellow at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University, has served as a product designer for Metaphase Design Group, and as a product design consultant he developed outdoor sports equipment for K2 Sports, as well as developing fuel cells technologies and portable power generation equipment, among others.

Monsees has a master’s degree in product design from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in physics and studio art from Kenyon College.