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Bill Liao

Co-Founder & Investor




Bill Liao Co-Founder of Xing and Coder Dojo & Speaker at WORLDWEBFORUM Investors Arena on January 24, 2017






Bill Liao; decoded



Bill Liao talks about Coder Dojo's new book 






Australian entrepreneur, venture capital investor, diplomat, author and speaker with a distinguished record in the areas of business, development and community activism, Bill is co-founder of the CoderDojo movement, a free global network formed to assist young people to learn how to computer program and Founder of Weforest, a global movement dedicated to planting trees and which now has seen 14.5 million planted around the world. He is a general partner with SOSV a $300m international accelerator venture capital fund and runs a life sciences Accelerator Program, Rebelbio, in Cork, focusing on entrepreneurs building technologies in or around the field of living things.

Previously, Bill co-founded XING, a pioneering business social networking platform in 2003 and served as COO of Davnet a telecommunications carrier that went public in the late 90's. Bill serves as a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitt’s and Nevis, with an emphasis on sustainable development and the environment. He is also chair of the investment committee of the Nominet Trust in the UK. Author of three books, he is a regular speaker at many events and venues such as The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, The House of Commons and TED as well as TEDx.